Amazing group present ideas

Pooling resources with your friends, colleagues, classmates or sporting team is an terrific way of purchasing a truly memorable gift for milestone occasions such as weddings, birthdays, retirements and baby showers. GiftGroup provides an easy way to collect the funds for awesome gifts but sometimes a little inspiration can be helpful in finding the perfect present. Here are some ideas to provide you with some starting inspiration.

Gear for your squad mate

Encourage your team mate, friend or family member’s recreational hobbies by gifting them a flash new piece of kit. Pooling funds to purchase a new bike, snowboard, surfboard or golf clubs is a fantastic way to spoil your friend and support their active life-style!

Glorious Gadgets

What’s not to love about a new gadget? Indulge your colleague’s passion for tech with a fancy new high-end phone, tablet or laptop. You could also consider personalising the item with custom engraving – Apple offer this service for free when you buy a new iPad or iPod Touch. Alternatively, for someone who loves to cook, a Thermomix could be be the perfect gadget gift.

Give an experience instead of a gift

Purchasing a gift without researching ahead can result in a gift that goes unused and ultimately wasted. Rather than taking a risk, you might like to consider gifting an ‘experience’ instead. You could organise group contributions toward an overseas holiday, dinner at a high-end restaurant or tickets to see a favourite band. These types of gift are great because they can create life-long memories and can be shared with your special person’s partner or loved ones.

Gift a heavenly glow

A trip to the day spa is all about indulging in ‘me’ time. They are the place where your loved one can soak up luxury in a beautiful space. If you’r buying for someone who could do with some R&R or simply want to indulge someone special, a day spa package might be the the way to go. Better yet, consider indulging them with an experience two can enjoy like a midweek getaway, breakfast and hot springs for two.

Of course once you’ve your gift idea sorted, creating a GiftGroup collection will make it happen! Starting a collection is free and takes only a few moments.

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Super simple!

In the past I have spent hours organising group money collections for my friends’ birthdays and events work. GiftGroup makes it dead-set simple. No headaches in giving out personal bank details or chasing people up for payments.


Kylie W

Fast and very easy to use!

I used GiftGroup to pool funds with other parents for our children's pre-school teacher retirement gift. It was really easy to use and I loved the fact that I didn’t have to give out my bank details or manage a bundle of cash.

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We used GiftGroup

to collect funds for accommodation and breakfast for our wedding, it was so simple to use. No trawling through bank statements to see who paid and the funds were disbursed quickly to our bank account once the collection was complete.


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