Running a lottery syndicate is a terrific way to pool funds and beat the odds and share a bit of excitement with your friends, family or co-workers. A lottery syndicate is a collection of people who pool funds and group together to play the lottery. Syndicate members pool money to collectively purchase multiple tickets and by joining together improve their changes of winning a lottery draw. The syndicate’s winnings are shared among the members, typically in equal measures.

Here’s how you can start your lottery syndicate in six easy steps:

1. Find your members

Invite a group of like-minded friends, family members, colleagues or sporting buddies to join your syndicate. A larger group means you’ll have a smaller share of potential winnings but you’ll benefit from a large pool of capital to fund your syndicate’s weekly entries. If you’re stuck for ideas on who to invite, consider reaching out to your network on Facebook or Instagram.

2. Find a helper

Assuming that you’ll be running the group yourself, nominate another diligent and reliable group member to be your deputy. Having a second-in-command can help you keep up with the regular administration and coordination the entries, as well as providing support if you’re sick, travelling or just need to call for back-up.

Running a Lottery Syndicate – 6 Easy Steps

3. Get strategic

Devise a strategy for which lottery games your syndicate will play. Lottery experts recommend entering big jackpots or playing in less popular lotteries with fewer players, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

4. Choose your numbers

As simple as it sounds but perhaps the biggest choice you need to make. You might like to invite your syndicate members to help pick, allow a different person to choose each week or opt of the convenience of an auto-pick or ‘systems’ entry. When selecting numbers, choose a spread of number as this generally improve your chances of winning small to medium prizes.

5. Keeping a positive attitude

Visualise what you’d do if you won the lottery. Go ahead put the universe notice you syndicate are then next multimillion dollar lotto winners.

6. Get organised

Finally, stay on top of record keeping and communication with your syndicate members and here’s where GiftGroup can make life easy. You can start a GiftGroup collection to gather money, keep track of payments, communicate with your syndicate members and even send gentle reminders to chip in. Staying on top of your syndicate administration means you’ll never miss out if your syndicate’s luck numbers are drawn.

If you’re interested in running your own lottery syndicate, why not jump in and start with a GiftGroup collection!